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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What is worse: the dead kitten or Darwin's mistake?

I cannot believe what has been coming up since I started my book. It began with a visit to Darwin's home in England and although I have not searched for a picture, there is one in the book. Now I am learning that he has made a mistake about his pothesis on coral atoll formation. I do not think it changes his standing in my book but once doubt about a scienetist's efficacy start they tend to inundate all thinking.

He is still an amazing man even though disputes still arise about his natural selection. I wonder if that is what was happening last night.....I stepped on one of the kitten's heads and we had to comfort it as best we could while it seized and died. There was noting that could be done. I hope Bug understands. This morning the four babies all came charging out of G's room with their mom. Maybe they sense danger? Whatever the case, and even thought it is just a kitten I probably would not keep, I am terribly sad for the loss. All the more so being there for it's death. I don't want I to feel badly because it was an accident so I need to stop tearing up. I promised myself that I would let it go as I type. I am just going to spend more time today enjoying kitten loves for life is so fragile. Just one more lesson to enjoy every moment, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Rest well kitty.