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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog from paper

I wrote with pen today:

and now I cannot find the notebook I wrote on.

Found it. "I thought I would try something different and write before I typed to see where my thoughts take me(it is evident that I type better when not transposing from paper) I am going to avoid talking about men since C says I am too wrapped up in them and need to love myself. I feel like "Bridget goddess" right now with the extra weight, lying in bed with an almost dry book on lectures. Maybe that is where this ends--the lectures. Discussion has moved from geneology to geology and evolution of the gargoyle from rain spout to decoration . Ahh Medieval France. My ability to write is becoming limited by the lack of use of my writing muscles. Evolution toward Adaption? Simple keyboard use rewiring my synapses?? Hackers fingers? And on it goes"