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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Does it fade?

I am taking a break from my highly emotional day to write this one thing. I am in love with a man that is not my husband. I will never stop loving him no matter rediculaous the whole situation seems. Rather, IMPOSSIBLE. I dream, think, long for him. Please guide me. oh Blogger for I am beyond lost.

Goodbye, 16 years. It was fun knowing you....NOT. See ya, rings and all they entail. Therapy today, Thank God. She is going to think I am off my rocker the more she gets to know me. At least I can honestly say I never purposely try to hurt people. I just do it and realize what I have done in hindsight. That has got to stop. I also need to stop trying to make sure everyone else is okay even when I am miserable. I am done being miserable. I hope to get to talk to C today. I really need a friened especially as I put in place G's probation requirements. Lord only knows how much helping her is going to cost me. Time to hop on over to ebay and list some more stuff. Fortunately most is just relisting and them I can be through with fitted diapers and wool forever.

This is it for my wool, having paid over 100 for what is seen. I may gross 25 if lucky but the clutter will be gone.