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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tired of loss

Someone I thought was a true friend turned on me and is now bad mouthing me to everyone.  He won't even talk to me.  It is so reminiscent of my 8th grade friend who decided to not talk to me anymore and no longer be my friend with no explaination.  He and his ex are ripping me apart like they do everyone else.  And calling me names.  How grown up!  Adults work things out.  Children take their ball and go home.

Enough of that.  Homeschooling is becoming a challenge and I am researching to find something engaging for E.  She is fighting me every time she has to do any work and I am frustrated.  Back to my research.....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Up early and time is still flying

Looks like I am taking on another homeschooler.  G is so far behind from being in the hospital that she will not be able to catch up.  Today I will withdraw her from school and set her up online.  I know I am strong but I am apprehensive especially since I don't have "I'm letting your father deal with it" to fall back on.  I am on my own.  No parents to call, no friends left--they went with J and I was warned a year ago about him by his lying ex.  Yet I chose to believe in him.  Big mistake opening myself up again.  The pain is BAD.

Anyway this is not going to be where I whine overly much.  I am going to start saving all the wonderful things I come across here and celebrate my new life.  O I am researching programs for reticent children namely E.  And I think  is so far behind they are going to keep him back.  Where is the testing they should be doing for these kids.  As usually,  need to do it myself! So much research to do and it gets larger every day.  And having gotten up at 5 am I am not sure I am going to wow myself today!.  This is a process when I want instant results.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is our eldest daughter G and the skeleton in the background is Is.  This happens while I sleep.  Homeschooling has made these girls the treasures they are.

Hello and welcome to imperfect me!

A typical day?

Today is parent teacher conference day for F.  He is in 1st grade and insists he should be homeschooled.  We will discuss this with his teacher.  I believe it is because he hates to wake in the am.  I am trying to get to know F lately.  He really dislikes affection and is especially wary of me since I made him pee himself from tickling him.  Oh well.  Parenthood is full of boo boos.

I am learning a lot lately about the kids.  This is my focus as I had been wasting so much time on things better left unsaid.  I am definitely human, with many faults and foilbes.  I have birthed ten children who are age 23 to 2 as I write this.  (the overachiever part of me wants JUST ONE MORE LOL).  I shuld mention my 22 yo DD Gi has boy and girl twins and is presently expecting that makes me Nanny, nena, nonie--I am not sure has of yet and would love to post a poll!  Oh I am 43, anticipating menopause and love a good fight.  I do not like lies and am flabergased at the human races's necessity tomake themselves look better.  Here you will find all my mistakes and everthing we do during our time homeschooling 3 out of 8 that are still home.  I hope I can find important links that help my homeschooling organizations and that may change yours.  I really home other hsers find ME so I can follow them too! 

Back form the conference.  F is doing great and at the top of his class.  Yet, he still got a 10 % on his spelling test.  Right now he is out cold on the couch having caught a stomach bug.  Poor little man.

Is was dropped from math today and I need to log in to see where she is in her other courses.  She is a trial to get work done.  I wish she would just plow through each course to finish. *th grade is taking to long.