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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Movie in the park.

This was the movie I did not watch last night at the new Kissimmee lake side park. I hope to GOD that is the right trailer for I am not in the mood for editing. Since I had spend the majority of the day in a Nightquil haze, I was rather sleepy and did my best to hang as long as I could. Being a mom is not a burden, I am telling myself, and me there sick as I was was better than me absent. My kids didn't spend much time with me. The park was better than the movie so we packed up by 9:18 and I was asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

This is what I found so funny:

when Ben was so well insulated from any bumps lest the items in the Burley crushed him.

G is blurry. Lets fix that.

The view and weather was perfect for a night out. I am about to take Nightquil dose one for I coughed all night. One might think a trip to the Dr would be a good idea. I swam in the pool when it was cloudy and since I am blaming every malady on it, then my onset of head cold hell has got to be swimming related. I am not allergic to my grandchildren like D informs me. Indeed today they turn one. The party is at 2:00 and I will be bringing decorations over prior. The plan to have a yard sale has come to a grinding halt because I am simply tired and really owe my body a rest.

My recommendation for the day is Folgers singles. They are a positively stellar idea over instant coffee. I am not a coffee expert, tea is more my thing, but I think they are great to have on hand to make a near perfect cup of fresh coffee.

Third cup and my scratchy, sore throat is not screaming for tea. That's new and different.