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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another invasion of Pediculus humanus

Family Pediculidae
Genus Pediculus
Species humanus (Human Louse)

Looking at it sceinfically in its beautiful latin script it is still this disgusting creature

Everyone is home. the boys have all been shaven and if not shaven, covered with olive and tea tree. My hair is wrapped in lots of conditioner for prevention.....who am I kidding? I will most likely end up with a bug or two. The SCOURGE!!!

Alas, our day has been busy

Our sun bread is rising and my webcam sucks. I need to find my camera....

Now to get Ella to edit the recipe.

Thank you Home depot for sending us home with extra projects. This is a bobsled and a goal post. TRY nailing and screwing for 5 children at once without running out of the room screaming.

Here is what else the infected kids occupied themselves with :