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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rather bored and longing for something interesting

I think I am sick of cooking and ebaying. I would love to discuss the finer points of early embryogenesis or sexual vs asexual reproduction with someone who could at least pretend to be interested. They would only have to tune in to a little part of my dissertation to ask an intelligent yet thought provoking observation. t is fun to think about. I believe I am going to read "A Brain for All Season's "

(I cannot get the link to work with only a cup of coffee. I am heading back to bed with a cup and procede to finish waking up while I get E's work together.)

Hopefully it is enthralling rather than dry. The link is in case someone wants to discuss it.

It is sub titled Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate change. I am excited to learn how the human brain has evolved with the climate. Oh the calculus problem that could be supposed. Since I have not read beyond the description, I read a bit and post my thoughts. I guess it is better than talking to myself, a favorite past time of mine.