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Saturday, May 11, 2013

OH the company I try not to keep....

DO YOU THINK THEY WILL GET IT? Yesterday was one person after another wanting to hang out at my house. They let me feed them, allow them to swim--sometimes naked and let me tell you, some times it is better if people remain clothed even if a bathing suit is small clothing. As for the overstaying of the welcome, DAMN. No one here seems to understand that when I say 300 times I have things to do, that I really have things to do. Here is to my wasted Friday and the note that should save my Saturday. Oh wait, they may not know how to read....Yes I am that aggravated that I wasted a day and now I have to wait the weekend pout before I finish my research. Also, I thought I had made it clear that school days are for school!!!!!!!!

I have a SINKING feeling that my note will be ignored, each "guest" believeing it is not meant for them. SIGH