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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Virtual piggy

I need a new dishwasher and Terminix. I has a stark realization as I swam last night, that I WASTED--like as in frivoulous entertainment spending, the cost of these items. I have also been trying to incorporate an allowence into my wasteful budget sssssooo today I found this!

Who would not want to use such a cute program. I admit I was smitten with the pig and the idea of seeing my finances in stark orange and white is discouraging, I need to reassess where the "entertainment" money is going--dinner out is a killer and we have been doing way too much of it. Now as for the children--Pocket money, money for chores, payment for being a child, what ever it is called in truth, I will use the term allowance. This is what little piggy is for! I can link my paypal account and make sure they only have access to their funds. This will also solve the problem of stealing that has been going on. I cannot enumerate how often I find cash missing. I am now all for a cashless--and cardless--society.

That said and back to Terminix, my appointment is on my list (the infamous Action list that is forever evolving). The dishwasher is at Lowes and it will sit there until Terminix comes to eradicate the beasts. Their claim is that it is going to take up to nine months to "get rid" of them. I don't think it possible to "get rid of" cock roaches in the South. It is more a matter of population control. THEN and only then will I bring another appliance into this house.

Just out of curiousity sake I decided to view some images of what I am spraying and squashing only to find images of Invertabrates not of the Class Insecta. Rather than waste any more valuable time (I am 34 minutes behind schedule) if will forgo this exercise.