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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tomato and cucumber salad, guacamole and chips

Tonight I has several kitchen helpers.  After a trip to the fruit stand, T and I made the following (easy for an 8 year old boy) Cold summer salad

2 pints of grape tomatoes cut in half
2 cucumbers, scored cut the long way and sliced into triangular shaped wedges
leafy tops of a bunch of celery--handful
Italian salad dressing
fresh ground black pepper.

It took all three to put this together!  lots of cutting.


2 ripe avacado  mashed
dash of tobasco
squirt of lemon if you have it ( we did not)

MIX ALL TOGETHER after you mash the avacado with a fork.

For the chips, we sliced flour tortillas and deep fried:

The flour chips are really yummy when crisp enough.  I think they would lend themselves to cinnamon and sugar.  Maybe for a snack tomorrow.

I am thinking this is the last kids cooking post I need for the homeschool evaluation.  Class name:  Home economics.  Prerequisite:  Willingness to learn how to feed a household and to occasionally burn food.