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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School's out for some....

More and more end of the year ceremonies have been going on: Awana ended with a game night and the kids enjoyed the evening. Unfortunately I am so far behind blogging that I have hundreds of picts to go through before I can post a sample....

Now Frank's end of the year ceremony was first and my camera decided to quit thanks to uncharged batteries. The pictures are on D's phone and he has seen fit to only sent one to my email. Just double checked ans he sent a couple more> I suppose a thank you is in order since is was lack of photos that delayed this post.

after Franks award ceremony--and honestly, I have to read what I wrote on the back of he certificate to remember what it was for exactly. He was thrilled to be let out early for he loves to ask me if I will pick him up every morning before he leaves for school. Here he is with Ms Roberts:

Trenton's end of year ceremony:

He had Ms Cook and raised his grade level in both reading and math.

You'll note my decline from the length of time in the heat. Frank was home and on the computer by the time the last photo was taken.

So now school is official out for those that attended. The homeschoolers are another story. I finished Science with an A and she is working both a paper on Hioter and Jack the Ripper. (I wonder if I should worry about her subject choices...)One is for History, the second for English. We have yet to move beyond the outline. Plus she is trying to use me as her primary source of information and gets made if I don't know the answer. Her words to me "Why don't you know_____(insert whatever topic here). Me: Why should I know everything Is? Her: But you usually do. Talk about the pressure being on. I am doing the toughest job you will ever love and I am supposed to be a walking encyclopedia. Maybe I should not have read Encyclopedia Brittanica for fun when I was younger.....Maybe it would help if she liked to read. Oh yes, and she has to finish "the Old Man and the Sea"

What Is does not know is that I will write out 6 weeks worth of 1900's history curicullum using PRIMARY sources--not someone'e head.