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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Always an adventure

What is a blog without picture? Oh and I took so many yesterday. We made paste Recipe: 1 1/2 c water 1/3 c sugar 1T vinegar 1 C flour measure into a pan and cook about five minutes stirring constantly. I ended up having to whisk it because there were a couple lumps and no one likes lumpy paste/glue. Ella used it to put more of her lapbook together: She took the pictures...... but here is some of her work. We are now the owners of two baby ducks :) I actually swam with them. They won't be going in the pool very often but the novelty allowed for a lax of judgment. Pictures to follow. Unfortunately, while G was driving, the spare tire decided to pop. Since it was the spare I had to drive the car home form A's school on the side of the road. Tire is shredded. Instead of the Bok Gardens, I will be replacing a tire. Always when I have plans so I just won't plan any more. I was really looking forward to getting some me time last night but the car kind of blew it. Pictures to follow, LOL And if that was not enough, someone ruined the keyboard to my still fairly new (3 months maybe?)laptop computer. I have the desktop keyboard plugged into it so I may type. I guess a replacement keyboard need be on the list also. I have only made two payments on this and for me to already have it damaged--even with a password so no one but me can use it is just sad.