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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I was asked to look at the numbers of calamities

since the death of my sister. I cannot come up with an exact number but they have been many:

J and J.  I drove behind Publix where they were supposed to move and had a sense of melancholy.  I am sorry to see them gone form my life.  How I valued each as a friend it makes me want to cry.  I seem to have this happen all my life and really want people to grow old with.  I am finding problem after problem in the house:  I lost the garbage disposal, microwave and dishwasher one after the other.  I believe they were all broken when I got here.  I try so hard and the issues just keep flowing.  I am trying so hard to be available to each child and find that I need to just be militant.  That and extreme coupons or supreme coupon as I said last night to the girls.  They are very repentant considering how much less income there is right now from their actions an  They are constantly being directed to chores they should be doing anyway.  It is a real problem and I am going to have her evaluated. 

Made dentist apt today,  I still have to call in insurance info for three out of 8.  Not to bad.  Hmm I can not afford to pay for Gwen to go to the Dr this month or for her scripts. I wonder how I will mange.   I am ebaying school clothes next since the boys have so many khakis. 

 My health is declining.  I need to make an apt with my PCP and be referred to a GI  or go to the hospital and get something for the pain gut is holding all my stress. I guess I am that one in six.  The world is slowly starving.