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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's an awesome day

when you wake to find the raccoons that have been stalking the cat food and invading the house have pooped all over the pool deck. Is that marking or turf? Hopefully I can trap them. I suppose it is on the internet somewhere. Everything else is. Yesterday was I's birthday and since the computer I am using does not have an SD port pictures will have to wait until I locate the cord. That and the computer I am working on requires my help, desperately. After cleaning I need defragmenting and that could take a while. I had better get started while it is still early, before E awakes and needs to work and D comes over for a swim rather that our walk. That is at 10. Scheduling, and somehow I think D is going to move his things out....he has until Saturday, and I am sending G inpatient yet again. I need to advocate for mental illness. Especially broderline because is is so hard to understand. But struggling myself, I guess I see how other's see me. Rotten disease. There have been many new additions to the family. Bug had 4 black and 1 black and white kitten. There isn't much to look at yet but They will get their space on the page. Ducklings have joined us too I had some wonderful pictures of them in the pool but the computer they were on is now non existent. Not even pieces are left to make art. In my imperfectness, I broke it. Or would rage be a better word. I realize I have lots of anger built up and am grateful I got some of the rage out before D came here for the next few days. Otherwise it would not have been the computer I took my rage out on. SEE why I am in therapy? Yesterday's cancelled may have put me back months. But I degress. I went on a date and had a really great time. I hope he calls me again. No pictures for that. As the end of the year approaches, it would figure I find the homeschool materials I used with G and I. Hopefully we have a productive next few weeks. I am off tho make more tea and prepare my lessons. I hear Sponge Bob on the T.V. and that has to go. PBS it is.