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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Over haul

Not the TV show folks. Watching the child that dropped out of all but one FLVS course work across from me. This learning curve is huge. After taking all their belongings way, they have no internet access for fun. Homework and chores happen no matter how much I have to repeat myself. I need to work on the yelling and am researching as usual. I and dishes are having an issue and the sink is full of soaking dishes she is expected to wash them before sleep. Changing her sleeping schedule is on the long, long, long list of things that need improvement. G is dealing with her mental issues and I am looking toward 90 plus days residential. Another long research project for me that only I see the results of my relentless work. Tomorrow: L speech, me Dr. Saturday will be wonderful to get out of the house and tire the kids. We are planning here I am embarrassed to say I am not sure what child this is LOL This is what they have been allowed to do. No long internet time, no video games. It is this and the pool.