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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to school

As I approach the end of the school year, I am happy to say that we may have actually managed a full 3rd grade. As for Is, we are unschooling in the hopes she will finish 8th and be off to school next year. There really is a massive amount of work she needs to be produced. After dentist appointments , I am dragging them to the library to work and I need to mail out ebay packages so my day will start busy. If I am lucky, it will end busy so I can fall asleep exhausted and not have to think. Right now I have to read the serial killer she has chosen to write about. Is that a sick mind? At this point I have given up trying to figure her out. G will drop her courses today so she can be put in patient care, and as I have been reminded repeatedly, I will be the one in charge of all of it. I will survive this. I have made it this far. I just wish I wasn't being reminded of all my failures, of which there have been many. 15 minutes and the boys are out the door and I finish the dishes. My temporary house guest has decided he will not do anything now since he is here so very temporarily. I am sure the couch will not be tidied, or the dishes done while I am gone all day but that is the way life goes. It is never easy and seldom head over heals happy. But the kids and I are making the best of a bad situation.