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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homeschooling vs tooth pulling

Yes it another day and I got the last two to the dentist. That is 12 hours over 4 days of sitting in a dentist office. I am so grateful for the patience I now have because the old me would have been pretty pissed. Now I just laugh it off and make the best of it with toys or books. I read lots yesterday but today, since it was L and B, I had to sit in the chair with each on my lap through the procedure of cleaning those itty bitty baby teeth. I was proud of them for not flipping out the way they do when I brush their teeth. Now I have to introduce them to dental floss. Lucky me.

Here is I hating every minute of the drilling of her teeth

OHH lucky me I just learned why my paragraphs aren't paragraphs and hopefully I have fixed it. Blogging requires a lot of work when one has not used HTML in years. Time to relearn.

My therapist just left. She suggested twice a week therapy because apparently my issues run far deeper than I thought. R "you really sound like you don't want him here," me "you think? I started packing a bag for myself to bolt. If he doesn't find a place to live, I will" which is insane. Thankfully he has found a job so he can afford to pay for a room somewhere. I am not heartless, just have been used and abused too many times. Flogging a dead horse, I believe, was a SEX PISTOLS album and that is exactly what is happening. She also noted that he has serious control issues and I will not tolerate it anymore. As for everything else that has transpired over the last two weeks, I still need to keep working on myself. That happiness that can be found within, I am digging for it.

Now the homeschooling part of it.....I think the kids accept the dentist much easier than they accept that reading is necessary.