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Monday, April 8, 2013

Death in family

It started with H and her tragic suicide. Since then, I's houseguest 's mother died the day before Easter. Oh how I did not know how to handle it and I is not being his friend right now. He wants to live with me, but life in this house is changing. I need to do some teenage computer source on information for dilinquents. I am YELLING for the past coupled days. I am TIRED of doing everything here and everything is being taken away from them; tomorrow I need to move the toys into the garage behind the mattress. Time to see how the truly underprivledged live. Margaret Thatcher passed--the woman listed as my favorite facebook when told she would not make much of herself in highshcool she replied "you are thwarting my ambition. She has her twins in Lawschool. She truly was the Iron lady--especially a lady. On top of this bs with my girls, Dad has a heart attack. Mum called from CCH. He ended up needing surgery. Praise the Lord and prayers for his health. To much death.