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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Suicide does not stop the pain....(borrowed)

Thank you to my online support of the Friends of suicide yahoo group
by Kevin Caruso
If you are suicidal, you are in pain. In agonizing pain. And probably have untreated depression.

####This was in my inbox. Very simple but true. Ochman's hammer, if you will.

If you are suicidal, you are probably in agonizing pain. But the important question is, how do you stop the pain?

Let me start with what you should not do. You should not magnify the
pain. That may seem obvious, but let me explain further. You see, if
you die by suicide,
the pain that you were feeling gets transferred to your loved ones and
is strongly intensified. So the pain is not eliminated, it gets worse.
Much worse. Unbearably worse.

So do not magnify the pain with dying by suicide.

And if you die by suicide, you will not feel relief from the pain,
because relief is only felt by the living. So you must make a commitment to stay
alive--no matter what--and work on diminishing the pain that you are
If you are suicidal, you probably are suffering from depression, and
depression is highly treatable. So if you have not seen a medical
doctor or a therapist, you need to do so

Depression causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that imbalance
needs to be rectified. Sometimes medicine needs to be administered,
just like medicine would be administered for any other illness. So
receiving a prescription or taking medication should not be a worry. It is not a big deal. But suicide is a very, very big deal.
Again, dying by suicide does not get rid of pain, it makes it much
worse. And you do not feel relief, because you need to be alive to feel that relief.

So stay alive. And never, under any circumstance, end your life.