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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh to update and to not really want to

So much has happened since I have thought to post--so much changing in my life. As usual, I balk at change. Yet, I foresee a much happier future with change.

I spoke to H yesterday and she prefaced a comment with do not flip out and scream at me. I was able to answer I don't do that much and the conversation remained pleasant and I remained humble. This is new for me for life has shown me so much in such a short amount of time. I am still not doing enough. There is so much information and I should be processing an sharing. I should be more active in something other than ...what I am saying is I am not doing anything for my soul yet and that needs to happen. I am trying to run lives that no longer need to be run and to figure the rest out for the system is failing me--public school. I want to move on and not be a teacher. I want a job that has nothing to do with kids so I am not burned out.

Okay, I will be ready after school vaca for my cliff notes business course. And Today I take T for ice cream. Just him and me. Help me get through to him.

Is broke my camera. I don't see her replacing it so no photos here until I locate the memory card for bowling pictures--the maybe 4 I got.....