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Friday, February 22, 2013

Up early and time is still flying

Looks like I am taking on another homeschooler.  G is so far behind from being in the hospital that she will not be able to catch up.  Today I will withdraw her from school and set her up online.  I know I am strong but I am apprehensive especially since I don't have "I'm letting your father deal with it" to fall back on.  I am on my own.  No parents to call, no friends left--they went with J and I was warned a year ago about him by his lying ex.  Yet I chose to believe in him.  Big mistake opening myself up again.  The pain is BAD.

Anyway this is not going to be where I whine overly much.  I am going to start saving all the wonderful things I come across here and celebrate my new life.  O I am researching programs for reticent children namely E.  And I think  is so far behind they are going to keep him back.  Where is the testing they should be doing for these kids.  As usually,  need to do it myself! So much research to do and it gets larger every day.  And having gotten up at 5 am I am not sure I am going to wow myself today!.  This is a process when I want instant results.